0% advance payment is provided for new cars. How to get an advance payment 0%? Why leasing is cheaper than a loan?

How to get a funding rate of 0.01% *? Leave a request on the website and our manager will provide an advantageous commercial offer, taking into account your needs.

  • Significantly lower initial costs
  • Availability of partner programs with importer and dealer
  • No need for additional collateral
  • No more than 8 documents
  • You can get a financing decision without documents by leaving an application on the website
  • Additional services (service, insurance, etc.).d.) can be included in the payment schedule

Car leasing in Dnepropetrovsk


p>We https://cars45.com/listing/ford/e-250/2005 have concluded a Cooperation Agreement with the most popular car brands in Ukraine. Therefore, choosing financing from BEST Leasing, you get the best leasing conditions: an advance from 0% or a rate from 0.01% * in UAH. The financing rate depends on the selected conditions: the amount of the advance payment, the lease term, the financing currency.

You can use ready-made calculations on the website or leave a request and our manager will select the optimal financing options for you.