These two antivirus security software programs, Avast and Norton, have been combating it out for many years now as the utmost popular anti-virus application in the world. Although which is the better in the two? What type offers you the best protection, meant for your money you happen to be spending? I’m certain that many of you will be able to give some sort of answer to these questions, but you may be wondering what about meant for the user? Which will software is it healthy to use, in case you have never utilized either one just before?

For many people, the choice between avast vs norvern is a no-brainer. They prefer one in the other, simply because they feel that avast is much more reliable in its results, while on the other hand, Norton is more user-friendly. But after using both programs for just a few weeks every single, I decided that there were some differences between your two that I was going to learn about, and which usually would finally help me make the right decision. I would like to debate some of the main points of each malware software, to hopefully help you produce the correct decision when determining about what anti virus plan to use.

In the end, it seems that Avast is the a lot easier program to use, but both equally programs contain decent enough user interfaces, that any individual can use these relative efficiency. It comes down to a simple issue of personal inclination, as both have decent enough anti-virus software. Ultimately, av-comparatives are merely about matched in terms of efficiency and security, so it actually comes down to how well you need to use the tool. For those who have a lot of valuable data on your computer or need a speedy scan, in that case it can be worth spending a bit more cash on the higher end version within the software, while a fewer sensitive end user might be happy with the current editions of both equally Avast and Norton Ant-virus.